An omnichannel solution for Small and Midsized Retailers and Distributors
A perfect Online to Offline commerce solution. Hyper Inventory offers you everything you need to sell through your retail distribution channel, your own physical store, through social media and third party marketplace like Amazon, Google Shopping.

Hyper Inventory enables retailers
to sell across all the channels


World class platform to sell on physical store, web store, eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliq & social media.

Industry Practices

Best industry practices for selling efficiently, scaling the business and increasing the  profits.

worry about IT

No need to worry about the technology/ IT/ setup/ how to do and what to do, all taken care of by the expert team.

upfront cost

ZERO upfront cost to start selling, guided onboarding and training for best practices to grow faster.

Technology For Businesses With Big Ambitions

Create your own webstore to sell products online with your logo and domain and extend your reach

Know how your business is performing. Daily Snapshot in terms of total sales, best products, total profit and lot more

Let your sales person have access to pricing and offer for each of the individual buyer

Let your customer place order and let them know about all the ongoing offers and promotions
You are at the center of everything. Control pricing, inventory, strategy and content across all sales channels.

A system to make your business

Control Pricing, Inventory, Strategy, Content And Reputation Across All Channels From One Place.

Intelligent Pricing

Different prices for each of your customers based on the relationship you have with them

Smart Inventory

Manage all your Inventory in one place with notifications to restock your inventory

Informed Sales Team

Well integrates app for your sales team, so they are informed and motivated all the time

Integrated Order Processing

Fulfill all the orders and wishes with the easy order management system designed to make things easy

Intelligent Communication

Don’t let communication gap harm your business. Notify customers and your team about each action

Marketing and Promotions

Advertising services from the team who designed world’s top advertising servers

ECommerce Marketplaces to sell more

Inbuild integration with leading eComm marketplace for

AI based Business Intelligence

Sell without purchasing inventory

Direct fulfillment capabilities to sell inventory from your distributor.

Auto order processing from your customer to your distributor while you earn the margins.
Access to live inventory from your distributors.
Sell under your brand name and on your domain
Shipped directly to your customer from your distributor

Support and Training

24X7 support

Guided Onboarding

Free training for all the teams i.e. Accounting, Sales, Business Owners, Marketing and Promotions

Monthly account review and steps for improvements to improve productivity and profitability

Weekly and Monthly training for best industry practices.

50+ Brands

15000+ Retailers, Transaction worth more than 800 crores

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