Multi-Branch management with Hyper Inventory.

Manage multiple branches, create branch to branch sales and purchases and generate reports to get better insights about the branches, with Hyper Inventory.

Inventory System

Warehouse Management

Multi Sales Channels

Order Fulfillment

Branch Management

In-Depth Reports

Documenting Number System

Document management is more involved and complex. It needs both structure as well as order. To accomplish that, Hyper Inventory introduces document numbering for all your documents.

Send Notifications

Manage your communication preferences and send notifications regarding low stock, shipments and Invoices. Easily maintain who should receive which typee of notification.

Configure Tally

Integrate tally on your branch level so that separate accounts are maintained for each branch. Data can be retrieved from or sent easily without any human error.

Buy and Sell to Your Own Branches

In case you are stock out then you can easily buy products from your own branches so that the cycle of sale never stops.

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