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Business Owner App helps you in knowing everything happening in your business all the time. And helping you grow your business using Business Intelligence


Delivering Richer Analytics for In-Depth Analysis

Business Performance

Providing analytics to improve your business and taking the revenue to new heights. Analytics Helps Businesses Mitigate Risk & Increase Operational Efficiency

Buyer Performance

Increase your sales and collect timely payments from your buyers using the Buyer performance analytics

Product Performance

Product Performance is the collection and strategic analysis of data points (metrics) related to products. Helping you increase sales and improve overall operations.

Inventory Performance

Inventory Performance is a measure of how effectively and efficiently inventory is used and replenished. This will help analyse and track the performance of inventory

Sales Team Performance

Sales Team Performance provides all the analytics related to salespeople which helps to motivate them.

Financial Year Analytics

Understand the overall health of your company as well as evaluated financial performance and business value. Recorded data on every aspect of a business’s activities.

AI based Business Intelligence

Inventory Forecasting

Actionable Insights for Buyers

Keep an Eye on Buyers

Never Miss on any Payments

Reward Your Buyers

Start visualizing your data today.

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