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Small or BIG, Hyper Inventory Supports all Businesses

You are at the center of everything. Control pricing, inventory, strategy, content and reputation across all channels from one place

Manage all your sales and purchase activities, invoices and Bills, and track payments. Hyper Inventory also helps you monitor shipments to keep your deliveries on time.

Manage your stock in different warehouses. You can add multiple warehouses, track product movements, transfer products within warehouses.
You can easily keep track of products and their current owner with the serial number feature of Hyper Inventory. Inventory Tracking has never been this easy.
Hyper Inventory Global Product catalogue comprises essential details about a product to be sold on an e-marketplace. Making products information-rich so it is easily sold.
Know your sales details,inventory information, details of buyers and a range of reports which can be generated, downloaded and shared easily.
Business is about integrating the right technology for the most effective results. We have integrated tally so that data can be retrieved from or sent easily without any human error.

What makes Hyper Inventory GST Compliant


Keep a central record of the GSTIN for the registered businesses and save time from manually entering it every time.

Add HSN Codes

You can add your HSN code for the items you sell or service you offer and stay compliant with the GST norms.

Generate GST-compliant invoices

Create invoices which will help you to get paid on time and also be ready for the GST requirements.

Automate tax calculation

When you prepare a sales order, the CGST, IGST or SGST rates get calculated automatically, saving you time and manual calculations.

Issue Delivery Challan

Delivery challans created in Hyper Inventory follow all the GST format requirements, and the product details are auto-filled automatically during creation.

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