Warehouse management made easy

Manage multiple warehouses, transfer stock between them and generate reports to get better insights about warehouse management, with Hyper Inventory

Inventory System

Warehouse Management

Multi Sales Channels

Order Fulfillment

Branch Management

In-Depth Reports

Multi Location Warehouse Management System

Easily Add multiple warehouses and control the stock between your stores and warehouses, located in different locations but easily managed through one application.

Fulfill Orders from Closest Warehouse

Choose the warehouse which is closest to the customer’s location while you create a invoice. This way you can deliver faster, save a lot of time and also cut down the transportation cost.

Transfer Stocks within Multiple Warehouses

Select the specific serial number while transferring an product from one warehouse to another. This way, you can keep a track on the movement of each product without any hassles.

Inventory Sharing

Share inventory with your retailers so that they can sell products for you when they don’t have stocks of their own.

Analytics, Actionable Insights and Reports

Find out the available stock and committed stock of products from each of your warehouses. Get more insights into each product’s sales and purchase trends, in simple steps.

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